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  24.07.2020 18:00 - 31.07.2020 22:00  1. Masterclass Flute in Le Capanne, Toscany
  Title: 1. Masterclass Flute in Le Capanne, Toscany
  Date: 24.07.2020 18:00 - 31.07.2020 22:00
  Place: Le Capanne is located north of Montepulciano and south-east of Siena. Nearby is Arezzo and also Florence is not far. For train travelers are Arezzo or even closer Sinalunga the approach stations.
  Number of participants: 10
  Info: This masterclass is intended for all flute players: pupils and students before, during or shortly after their studies, for those who are after their studies and while looking for a job and all those working with the flute, who give new impetus again or looking for a "training opportunity", but also for ambitious amateur flutists.

In and on Le Capanne people live, play and work, cook and eat together during the masterclass days. There is a choice between 1st full board (accommodation and meals), 2nd meals during the class times or 3rd only participation in the class.

Each participant receives four lessons (50 minutes each) and participates in further group lessons.
There are, in principle, no repertoire restrictions. However, it is desirable that each active participant prepares works of different eras. The advanced students should have studied at least one Mozart concert well, as the course also sees itself as preparation and training for possible auditions, be it entrance exams, auditions or competitions. Anyone interested should have prepared the relevant orchestral audition stations, as they should also take time for them during the course work.
Every participant should play every day, be it during the daily technique exercises (individually and in groups), during lessons at repertoire workshops and / or at the audition stations. It is also desirable that common - and also lesser-known literature of the 20th and 21st centuries be developed.

Please tell us on the registration form your list of repertoires and which works are especially close to your heart and should be worked on.

A piano accompaniment will be available for the last three days. There will be organised participants concerts.

Costs and fees:
Masterclass fee (7 days) 500,00 € / 400,00 € reduced.
170,00 € passive participation
Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 190,00 €
Accommodation in double or triple rooms p.P. 210.00 €
Single supplement: 15,00 Euro per day if available 120,00 €
Excursions (for example Florence, Assisi, Siena, Daniel Spoerri) 30,00 €

1: Course fee, full board and excursions: 850,00 € / 780,00 € reduced.
2 .: Course fee, partial catering (lunch) and excursions: 670,00 € / 570,00 € reduced
3 .: excl. Course fee 500,00 € / 400,00 € reduced.
  Critic: Detailed information
to the masterclass, arrival, participants directory etc., you will receive about three weeks before the course begins.
Should a masterclass fail due to a lack of participants or have to be postponed, this can be announced shortly at the latest one week before the beginning of the class. Claims, which are caused by a possible course failure due to lack of participants or illness of the lecturer, we do not accept. In case of course cancellation by us, of course, all previously made payments will be refunded. Please inform us about your account details when registering.

Costs and course fees:
The accommodation and meals for the students will take place in Le Capanne. The services in package 1 include: course fee, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accommodation is usually in double rooms, in exceptional cases in triple rooms. Single rooms are limited on request and are available for a surcharge of 20, - € per day.
In case of late arrival or earlier departure to / from the masterclass, the costs for unused services can not be reimbursed. A reduction of the class fee is also excluded in such cases.

Withdrawal from the masterclass / cancellation fees:
The masterclass registration is valid with the mail / inbox as final. In case of withdrawal from the registration, the registration fee will be forfeited. Should a masterclass be canceled due to lack of participants or illness of the lecturer, all payments made so far will be refunded in full.
Students who cancel their registration for any reason less than four weeks prior to the beginning of the class are required to pay a 50% cancellation fee of the reported package cost.
Participants who withdraw their registration later than one calendar week before the beginning of the masterclass (for whatever reason) or who stay away from the course without leaving the course, agree to pay all fees shown.
All masterclasses are, as indicated, reduced for students and school Children. When claiming this discount, a proof of eligibility must be presented at the time of registration, but no later than at the final bill.