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  NFA-convention  15.08.2010 - 04:43
  Hello flutists!
I am here at the NFA-convention in Anaheim - near Los Angeles - known for the first Disney-World-Park.
It's a great convention thanks to Cindy Ellis, who is doing a great job! Putting all this huge program together, having contact to all these many international flutists, always being ready to talk to, always open to everybody: you are making it to be a wonderful time for all of us, Cindy!!
I am here as the only German (professional) flutist, even being in the 'spot of the action': as jury, giving masterclass and being part of two concerts, which one is the great Gala-Concerto, where I am invited to perform the American Premiere of the great concerto by Peteris Vasks. During the other concert - the final - I will play the American Premiere of the Flute-Solo-Piece by York Höller "SCAN".
There are so many interesting concerts and other things going on, that it is overwhelming! The many people - dear old friends or new 'contacts' - I am meeting are taking my breath: it is so wonderful! I havent been in the States for many years, but still there are many who remember me from former conventions I participated: in Phoenix and Dallas, or who have bought a CD of mine and come up to me for an authograph. It's been wonderful!
Thanks to the orchestra and the chef Steven Byess: you are a wondeful group! Great musicians, professional, quick and very musical.
Tomorrow the convention is over and all the over 2.000 flutists and flute-friends will go home.
Good journey!
Thanks again to Cindy Ellis!
I will make a tour, with my daughter, around the West in a RV-camper: we are all excited!