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  Welcome!!  28.09.2003 - 00:00
  Welcome to my website! Here there are interesting things for everyone to discover ? old things, new things and others of interest: I?ve presented my life so far (at least my musical life) which includes my past as well as my plans for the future. Please feel free to offer feedback. I welcome your comments.

The first new thing, newsworthy enough to be reported on the first page, is a huge surprise for the flute world ? in fact for the whole world of ?new music?. No one less than Mauricio Kagel himself has written a flute concerto at my suggestion! He?ll call it simply ?The Concerto?. It is the first work of this kind from his pen! The world premiere ? and this is the next surprise ? was on October 2, 2003, in the opera house Duisburg, within the framework of the ?Ruhr-Triennale?: There were four instrumental works performed and staged in a Kagel-like manner, by Stage Manager Christoph Nel. For performance dates of that piece, that I will play several times during this and the coming season, please visit my ?schedule? page. Perhaps there you?ll see that you will be in the vicinity for one of the concerts ? if not Duisburg-Dusseldorf, perhaps Hamburg or Berlin.
Or perhaps you?d like to go to the concert at the Concertgebow in Amsertdam in Mai, 2004, where I?ll play Gunther Schuller?s flute concerto with the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest Holland, Hilversum.

Another news is a new piece by the composer York Höller, that he called "Scan". He wrote it finally, after I had pleaged for years for a piece of his - and I am very proud, that he dedicated this work for flute alone to me. First performance will be January 27th 2004 in the Philharmonie Köln.

But before that, there was something else new: the ?Zaubernacht? by Kurt Weill was performed in Dessau (3/7/03) and Dusseldorf (3/9/03) with the great pantomime artist Milan Sladek, and the Ensemble Contrasts Koln, conducted by Celso Antunes. I am proud to have both taken part and been responsible for the development and organization of that event, and it was wonderful to see Milan Sladek and the five actors at their work.

For all of you who are interested in my pedagogical work, I?ll refer you to my seminars/study page. There you?ll find my Dusseldorf teaching page and offered courses.

Have fun surfing!